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    Uttarkashi tunnel collapse: PMO takes charge as rescue teams race against time with five potential rescue plans



    Officials prepare vertical drill to rescue workers trapped in Uttarkashi tunnel collapse

    UTTARKASHI, Uttarakhand: Seven days after a portion of the under-construction Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi collapsed, trapping 41 workers, rescue teams are preparing to drill a vertical hole to reach the survivors. The decision to drill the hole was taken after a thorough assessment of the situation and considering the challenges of reaching the trapped workers through the existing tunnel.

    We are preparing to drill a vertical hole to reach the trapped workers,” said an official involved in the rescue operation. “The hole will be drilled near the site of the collapse, and it will allow us to establish contact with the workers and provide them with essential supplies.

    Former advisor to the Prime Minister, Bhaskar Khulbe, who has been closely monitoring the rescue operation, expressed optimism about the prospects of rescuing the trapped workers. “I am confident that the rescue operation will be successful,” Khulbe said. “We have the best experts working on it, and we are using the latest technology. I expect good results in the next four to five days.

    The rescue operation has been facing several challenges, including the unstable nature of the collapsed tunnel and the lack of oxygen supply for the trapped workers. However, the rescue teams have been working tirelessly to overcome these challenges and bring the workers to safety.

    The news of the vertical drill has brought a glimmer of hope for the families of the trapped workers. They have been anxiously waiting for any positive news, and the prospect of their loved ones being rescued has given them renewed hope.

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