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Asraful Islam - The Youth icon in Business Field - VorerNews.com

Asraful Islam – The Youth icon in Business Field

  • Update Time : Friday, January 29, 2021
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Like the developed countries of the world, online shops for different services have also sprung up in Bangladesh. As the days go by, people in this country are getting more used to shopping online from home. That is why the number of online entrepreneurs is increasing.
Along with the big online shops, small entrepreneurs are also running online shops successfully. Similarly, for almost a year, a medium-sized online shop called goshopbd.com and Go interior Farm has been trending online with great success. Asraful Islam, the owner of those business concerns, can be called the youngest successful online shop entrepreneur in the country. He first started goshopbd.com by accumulating capital at a young age by freelancing and then started go interior farm. His online shop has all sorts of products with lucrative services to go with them.
His new franchise, Go interior farm is one of the most accomplished digital portal for interior designing. They even have an on-site shop for decoratives and furniture. Their services ranges from hospitality designs to residential and office design. Because of their wide pool of engineer and architects, they are competent in any designing and renovation task.
Last Week (Jan 2021) they work with Luminous Global Ltd. Luminous Global Ltd. is a product based marketing company, they have just started their journey. And Go Interior Farm is their long way partner with their head office interior design contract. Md. Rakibul Islam, Managing Director of Luminous Global Ltd. and Asraful Islam, Managing Director of Go Interior Farm are both optimistic that they will be able to work successfully in this corporate path.
Asraful Islam has launched a YouTube channel called Go Entertainment to endorse goshopbd.com. This channel has a total of 66 thousands subscribers and have released a number of short films and songs with YouTube celebrity Pottoy Heron as main cast.
He also loves to travel to tourist places in the country and abroad. Moreover, he has filmed his travel experience vlogs and his bike riding experience. His YouTube channel, R Asraful has some vlogs of his own creation.
Asraful believes that goshopbd.com and Go Interior along with his other franchises will be one of the biggest, successful online shops in Bangladesh. He wishes to exhume artistic talent with Go interior farm and through his YouTube channel Go Entertainment, the viewers are also going to get acquainted with goshopbd.com and other franchises.

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